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The Chicken Bones Say...$196,000

So this IT guy finally joins a conference room full of decision makers who have been struggling for days to solve a critical issue with their faltering production system. As they grasp for solutions, every question they raise receives an eye-roll or tired sigh. Somehow bearing no responsibility for the very product of his department, the IT guy stands up, rummages through his pockets, and drops a pile of linty junk on the table. Then, like some ancient witch doctor, he prods and pokes the pile finally muttering, “The chicken bones say $196,000.”


And with that, he just walks out.

Anybody who has had to balance real-world business needs with the unpredictability and expense of technology understands frustration. It is arguably why most businesses approach IT as a necessary evil instead of the competitive advantage it should be.

It is easy, and somewhat self-serving, to say that ProCirrus approaches technology differently. Our clients may choose us for our complete, end-to-end, cloud-powered solution. We combine complex applications like ProLaw with standard applications like Office, Exchange, Fax and SharePoint into one unified desktop that can be accessed from virtually any device from any Internet connection. However, they stay with us for our service.

How Do We Prove it?

We offer our services with a simple month-to-month contract and with the lowest onboarding costs. This allows our clients the utmost in flexibility and means that we have to earn their business every day. Customer service may be a dying art form, and it may be cliché to even say it, but we are a customer service company that happens to excel in technology.

Looking to deploy ProLaw or simply want to get more for your IT dollar – we're worth a conversation. We'll explain what we can do, and our clients will tell you how well we do it.

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