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Welcome to the first edition of Forefront, a newsletter created to help you, our clients, better leverage Thomson Reuters Elite partner expertise and knowledge. In this issue, you will find informative and interesting articles from our partners covering important industry topics and trends.

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Making the Case for Human Resources in the UK Legal Sector

The UK legal services market has an estimated £4bn turnover and as such is attracting a great deal of interest from organizations outside of the traditional legal market.

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The Liability of Fraudulent Checks

Checks remain the most vulnerable payment mechanism targeted by fraudsters. This type of fraud is on the rise even though check volume is declining. The reality is that without preventive measures in place to deter criminals from defrauding your company, your firm is extremely susceptible to check fraud.

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The Delicate Balance Between Work, Life and Law Firm Priorities

Even after years of tough economic times, good lawyers still have more than enough work. But finding the balance between work, life and law firm priorities can be achieved.

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Risk Management for Law Firms

Interview with Risk Expert Elisabet Hardy

Better risk management that can peer into every part of a law firm is coming, but firms need to take a more proactive approach to risk and information.

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Q4 Report
The Thomson Reuters Peer Monitor Economic Index rose six points to 56 in the fourth quarter following two consecutive quarterly declines.

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Social Media Is a Trend of a Different Sort

For law firms, the social media trend is a paradox. Usually, as a technology develops, initial resistance and uncertainty will fade as public adoption increases, stable usage patterns emerge, and organizations learn how to utilize it effectively. For social media however, the usual pattern doesn't seem to apply. Despite wide public adoption and increased firm engagement, institutional ambivalence about social media as a business development tool seems only to grow.

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Law Firm Cross-Border Mergers on the Rise

Experts are seeing a trend in which more law firms are pursuing cross-border mergers to create mega firms comprising of thousands of lawyers.

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Does Your Firm Need a Talent Strategy?

A firm is only as good as its people. Managing that talent calls for a strategy that goes beyond just staffing and professional development.

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Porter's Five Forces Applied to the Legal Industry

It's been more than thirty years since a young Harvard associate professor of Economics published his first Harvard Business Review article, "How Competitive Forces Shape Strategy." That single article has since led to multiple books and has completely redefined how organizations view and approach competitive strategy. As the market for legal services continues to grow in complexity, never before has this simple treatise been more relevant to the legal profession.

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ProCirrus Approaches Technology Differently

Anyone who has had to balance real-world business needs with the unpredictability and expense of technology understands how frustrating it can be. It is arguably why most businesses approach IT as a necessary evil instead of the competitive advantage it should be.

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