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Tips and Tricks

The following are tips and tricks to help when using Elite software products.


Is it important for my firm to use test environments when planning for upgrades?

Setting up a test environment before going live allows your users to become comfortable with the new release and identify any issues ahead of time. In addition, your firm can schedule the test and live dates with Support, in one phone call, saving both time and effort. If your firm has a complete test environment, it becomes possible to schedule a test and live .NET pro Filing install. For additional information on the benefits of a test environment, please check out KB 93170: The Purpose of a ProLaw Test Environment

Client and Matter Management

I have a document that is not in MatterSphere. How do I save it to a matter?

If you want to Save an external document against a matter, you can import into MatterSphere, by simply right-clicking on it from the desktop of folder where it is stored. For example:

This causes MatterSphere to save it using it's document save process, allowing the user to record Time, create Tasks, check off Milestones, etc. If you have a number of documents to save to a matter, simply select the documents before right-clicking one of them to access the above menu.

Reminder: This first tip only applies to firms using the MatterSphere DM


How can I convert attachments to PDF before I send?

If you've already attached documents to a MatterSphere email, you can convert them all to PDF with a single click - simply go to the Current Document tab within the email and click the command shown here:

Business Development Suite

Why am I getting the error "The item cannot be saved" when saving new or updated contact?

First, verify that no other instances of Outlook are open.

If one or more other instances of Outlook are open, close all but one instance and try to save the contact again.

If no other instances of Outlook are open, perform these steps:

  • Close Outlook.
  • Open Task Manager, click the Processes tab, and verify that the OUTLOOK.EXE process has ended.
  • Navigate to C:\Users\userid\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA.
  • Delete or rename the folder in the RSA folder.
  • Navigate to C:\Users\userid\AppData\Roaming\Thomson Elite\Outlook Connector for Elite Contact Manager.
  • Delete OutlookUserSettings.xml.
  • Note: The deleted folders and files will be recreated.
  • Restart Outlook.
  • Confirm the warning message does not appear when you modify or create a contact

For details, please see the Knowledge Base article 132203: The item cannot be saved" error received when saving new or updated contact


How do you create unique reporting date ranges for 3E Reports?

The following steps indicate how to run 3E Reports and Metrics on custom date ranges. Note: This process requires IDE Customization, which is not covered under the standard Support Agreement. Questions regarding the custom code referenced in this process may require a billable consulting engagement to resolve.

  • In Reporting Periods Business Object
       a)  Copy code from Stock Code to Code tab.
       b)  Change ‘Overridable’ to ‘Overrides’
       c)  Add code to Case statement. Note the value selected.
       a)  Build With Dependencies, and Publish
       b)  Find MxMatterSummary, & Build Dependencies
       c)  Publish, and Clear App Object Cache
       d)  Build With Dependencies, and Publish
       e)  Find Metric Archetype MxMatterSummary
       f)  Publish, and Clear App Object Cache
  • Date Range Process
       a)  Add Record.
       b)  Set Code and Description
       c)  In the Dates form, add the date ranges that you need.
  • Matter Summary Metric Run
       a)  Choose the Date Range selected
       b)  Run Metric
  • Create a Presentation: From the Billing Metrics* Dashboard, choose the Matter Summary Scheduled* Presentations, link it to the Metric run you created, and configure the Metric View as you need.

For details, please see the KB article 141856: Auto-Numbering Assets in 3E.

Design Gallery

When starting Design Gallery, why do I receive an error log citing database validation has failed?

This issue comes about where a client has EDG database schema inconsistencies. Schema validation failures can happen when upgrading from one version of EDG to a more recent version. Development has been notified of these issues, however in the interim the following steps can be taken to manually resolve the issue:

Issue: Tables/views are missing
Solution: You can usually find the missing table/views that are missing in the “DB Scripts” folder (usually under the “create” folder). Run the appropriate script in SQL Server Management Studio against the DB in question to resolve this issue.

Issue: Datatypes are wrong
Solution: In SQL Management Studio click on Tools > Options > Designers and ensure “Prevent saving changes that require table re-creation” is Unchecked. Click “Design” and modify the Data Type for that column accordingly. When finished making changes as the log suggests, restart the service and recheck the log file to see if the EnableValidation check fails again for other reasons until the service successfully starts.

To see more information, please view Knowledge Base article 141903



For more tips and tricks, visit the Knowledge Base at If you have a tip or trick you would like to see in upcoming issues or you were able to use one or more of the tips and tricks above, please contact Jillian Loustaunau.