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Tips and Tricks

The following are tips and tricks to help when using Elite software products.


Searching in ProLaw is not returning all relevant records - why is this?

This problem can occur when the user has inadvertently applied a filter.

In ProLaw XII and ProLaw .NET, the filter displays as a small filter icon to the right of the label. To correct the problem, click on the filter icon and select 'Clear Filter'.

Business Development Suite

Is it possible to estimate the ROI of my campaigns and evaluate the effectiveness of the Marketing and Business Development strategies?

You can use the Opportunity module in Business Development Premier to track new business opportunities that arise from your campaigns.

Using the Campaign Source field on an Opportunity record allows you to track the revenue opportunities that were generated from a particular campaign, thereby allowing you to estimate the ROI of your campaigns and evaluate the effectiveness of the Marketing and Business Development strategies applied.

Are certain types of events more effective than others? What conference sponsorships yielded the best results?

See below for a screen-shot of the Source Campaign field on an Opportunity record:

Learn more about using opportunities in your Business Development workflows with the Business Development Premier Opportunities Guide »

Is it possible to control and restrict field-level information for certain users?

BDS is designed as an 'open' system to make CRM information easily accessible to all users to encourage collaboration and effective leverage of information. There are therefore no restrictions on the records that users can access within an entity if they are granted access to that entity.

For example, a user who is granted access to the Contacts entity can access every contact record. That same user cannot access Experience records unless the user is specifically granted access to the Experience entity.

BDS recognizes however, the need to control visibility of certain field-level information that may be confidential or just not required and distracting to a user. In this situation Field Controls (FC) and Field-Level Security (FLS) can be enabled, together with User Security Rights (USR) to control access to fields for individual users and groups.

Learn more about field-level access and control »

Client and Matter Management

I want to save multiple versions of a document - how can I do this?

MatterSphere will show the latest version of a document in the client, contact and matter document list. When you edit a document the default save can be set to Overwrite, New Revision (e.g. 1.1), or New Major Version (e.g. 2.0). This setting can be set firm wide so enabling user to quick save documents knowing what the version control would be. However, you do have the option to save different versions of a document as required within MatterSphere.

Learn more about Document Versioning »

How can I see the client and matter number on emails I have saved to the MatterSphere DMS?

Users can see the client and matter number along with the DocumentID on emails saved to the MatterSphere DMS:

To do this, select the View tab on the ribbon and select the options shown below:


How do I set up a discount terms code to default to a vendor's vouchers?

Through the Terms Code Maintenance option, terms codes can be added, changed, and deleted. These codes are set up to comply with the payment terms defined by the vendor. They are used in Enterprise to calculate due dates, discount dates and the discount amount for a voucher, which are all calculated from the invoice date when a voucher is created.

Learn how to set up a discount terms code to default to a vendor's vouchers »


Why is it important to specify time zones in the setup/configuration of 3E?

The specification of the time zone plays an important role in the setup/configuration of your 3E instance. If these are not set or synchronized correctly (among other settings) it could result in background jobs or scheduled tasks running at a delayed start time or not running at all.

There are four areas in particular where time zone is specified, and is imperative to review for verification. The four areas are the:

  • web.config
  • Windows date/time settings on the server(s)
  • elitesvc user (or user specified in the Notification Options Manager) that handles the background tasks
  • Load Balancer

The time zone must be consistent among all servers, load balancers and specific 3E users involved.

Learn more about the importance of times zone settings in 3E »

Design Gallery

Section properties can be tricky when working with headers and footers - here's why:

Always remember that if you have more than one section properties block in your code, you'll need to wrap it with a paragraph properties block.


For more tips and tricks, visit the Knowledge Base at If you have a tip or trick you would like to see in upcoming issues or you were able to use one or more of the tips and tricks above, please contact Jillian Loustaunau.