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Exchange • Spring 2015 > Learn What's New in ProLaw 2015.1

What's New in ProLaw 2017.1


  • Enhanced journal features streamline accounting tasks, saving time and reducing errors
  • Additional billing functionalities speed up and simplify the billing process
  • Expanded portal capabilities include customizable tabs and provide remote on-the-go access, saving time
  • New Pro Filing upgrades ease document and form handling, simplifying daily tasks
  • Technology updates provide smooth integration with several document management services and Microsoft products

ProLaw® is the comprehensive business management solution from Thomson Reuters Elite that enables law firms, corporate legal departments, and government agencies to fully automate the practice and manage the business of law. By combining case and matter management as well as time entry, billing, and accounting capabilities, ProLaw streamlines your processes and maintains and improves your profitability. ProLaw 2017.1 brings you many updates and enhancements, providing increased flexibility in billing and accounting and additional customization options to speed up and simplify daily tasks.

Recurring Journals

When running statements, users can now choose what to print and not print.

In response to your requests and suggestions, ProLaw 2017.1 includes improvements in billing, journal, portal functionalities, and technology updates—all with the goal of saving time and increasing efficiency for users across your organization, including back-office staff and lawyers on the go. Accounting personnel will benefit from new options that allow them to create payroll or payments that automatically occur weekly, bi-monthly, or semi-annually. The new ability to copy journal entries speeds up data entry and reduces errors, eliminating unnecessary repetition in the journal entry process.

Lawyers will appreciate the expanded portal capabilities, which allow them to search for and view documents in the web browser, and even download and edit them on the go, before uploading new versions back into the ProLaw portal. Users can now add and edit their own custom tabs, which are then available in the ProLaw desktop, as well as in the portal, saving your organization time and technical resources. In addition, Pro Filing now has a new check in/out functionality for documents in the ProLaw document management system, which allows lawyers to check out documents onto their desktop for editing or use in court, saving time and simplifying document handling.

Recurring Journals

Benefit from three new options for scheduling recurring payroll or payments.

ProLaw 2017.1 includes technology updates that will streamline communication and integration with popular document management systems Worldox®, iManage 9, and Opentext™ 10.0.0. This latest version of ProLaw is current with the latest versions of Microsoft® products. All in all, the time-saving and efficiency enhancements in ProLaw 2017.1 give you the most sophisticated business management software designed to meet the needs of your legal organization from front to back office, improving the performance of all users.

Enhanced Journal Features

  • New weekly, bi-monthly, or semi-annual options increase flexibility of recurring payroll or payments
  • Closed periods stay locked for printing payables, minimizing errors in financials
  • New capability to copy journal entries reduces errors and saves time
  • Permitting client hard-cost data to be posted to the client's credit card account streamlines the billing process

Additional Billing Functionalities

  • Find-and-replace function for narratives eases pre-bill edits and reduces the billing edit cycle
  • Create statement images in ledger for e-bills or bills emailed directly from ProLaw, saving time and printing of hard copies
  • New Notes tab in the Pre-bill edit screen allows pre-bill edits and billing notes, speeding up the final billing process
ProLaw 2017.1

Uploading new documents directly from the portal eases tasks when away from the office.

Expanded Portal Capabilities

  • Custom tabs for matters added by ProLaw desktop users automatically appear in the portal, increasing portal flexibility and reducing coding burdens on technical staff. Users can add, delete, or edit data in the new custom tab fields, saving time when in the portal.
  • Ability to search and view documents directly on the portal, and to download and edit them on the desktop, increases out-of-office flexibility for users

New Pro Filing Upgrades

  • Documents can be checked out from and in to the ProLaw document management system from user desktops, simplifying the viewing and editing of documents away from the office
  • Pro Filing for Adobe® uses the same .NET platform and forms as Microsoft products, increasing overall quality

Technology Updates

  • Certified with Worldox, iManage 9, and Opentext 10.0.0, assuring streamlined communication with ProLaw
  • Certified with SQL Server® 2016 and Exchange 2016, keeping ProLaw current with the latest Microsoft products