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Exchange • Spring 2015 > Learn What's New in ProLaw 2015.1

What's New in Design Gallery 3.0.0


  • Core functionality is completely redesigned to provide smarter and more flexible document automation
  • Enhanced server features increase performance and stability
  • Refreshed and newly integrated design tools make solution development more standardized
  • New administration tools give more control and better visibility into the server environment
Design Gallery

Design Gallery™ helps you quickly transform your data into readable and professional documents that satisfy both your firm and client demands. The powerful document automation solution effectively and efficiently automates the process of turning your back-end data from 3E®, Enterprise®, and other systems into usable business documents. With the newest version of Design Gallery, document automation reaches a completely new level.

Design Gallery 3.0.0 has been entirely overhauled to bring you an integrated and improved user experience. Almost all parts have been rewritten or altered to broaden the design capabilities and provide a platform well poised to handle future growth and performance. Version 3.0.0 further improves the collection, reorganization, conversion, and distribution of your data and documents.

The core functionality of Design Gallery has been redesigned as compartmentalized and reusable workflow activities to provide high flexibility and to better align with your day-to-day processes. Thanks to Windows Workflow Foundation, Design Gallery 3.0.0 now lets you perform new tasks with a higher level of control not before possible. In addition, we've made enhancements to the already powerful design tools, improving solution development and collaboration capabilities. These enhancements—in addition to improved server-class features that are built for growth, performance, and reusability—deliver the power you need to automate your document processes.

With Design Gallery, you can move ahead to a more profitable future knowing that you are working with one of the world's leaders in providing professional services firms with the most innovative of business solutions. With more than 60 years of experience, Thomson Reuters Elite has the proven expertise to make it happen for you.

Design Gallery 3.0.0 Highlights

New Core Engine and Services

  • Backed by Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) that offers a lasting technical solution that promotes reusability and flexibility
  • Load balancing allows distributed processing across multiple servers
  • Core functionality is now compartmentalized as reusable workflow activities to allow for future extension with minimal impact
  • Standardized logging mechanism allows you to view, aggregate, and correlate all necessary information in one place

Administration Tools Now Included

  • Configuration Tool allows the definition of environments used by the administration tools and enables easy switching between defined environments (such as development, test, and production)
  • Publisher facilitates pushing solutions from the development repository to the workflow engine
  • Instance Manager allows users to monitor and execute solutions that have been published to the workflow engine
  • Property Bag Manager allows common information needed across solutions to be shared in a central area for easy management and updating

Improved Design Experience

  • Redesigned Solution Manager offers an updated user interface
  • Component version control is now built into design tools allowing multiple solution developers to work on the same solutions
  • Offline mode allows you to check out files to work on when not connected to the network
  • A new Workflow Designer gives you complete control over the document automation processes
  • Seamless Visual Designer integration lets you create components in a create-and-see as you go experience

Additional Third Party Certifications

  • Windows 10 Support
Design Gallery

The redesigned Solution Manager provides improved usability and encourages standardized solution development.