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Exchange • Spring 2015 > Learn What's New in ProLaw 2015.1

What's New in 3E Financial Reporting


  • An improved, streamlined interface makes report design easier and more intuitive
  • Advanced report design tools provide faster and easier report design and analytical views of data
  • Enhanced search capabilities make grouping any combination of GL accounts and account attributes a breeze, while making it easy to pin point needed accounts
  • Simplified data sources eliminate manual processes and provide greater efficiency by including common components of time period, budgets, and data sources to allow the reuse of budget reports year over year
  • Enhancements to the Report Migration Tool allow for direct database to database report migration and prevent importing invalid reports, account selections, and account filters


  • Optimization of SQL replication settings delivers better performance
  • Enhanced GL Detail replication and associate report generation saves time and streamlines reporting
  • Microsoft Excel 2016 compatibility allows you to run on the latest Micorosft Office version

Released two years ago, 3E® Financial Reporting from Thomson Reuters Elite has already helped many 3E clients improve their business decision process and enhance their bottom line. Tailored for your accounting professionals, the Microsoft® Excel®-based module offers advanced analytical features and highly formatted financial statements while providing users control over creation, integration, and maintenance. Firm management benefits from sophisticated business intelligence and up-to-the-minute insights on firm performance and trends. The latest releases of 3E Financial Reporting bring enhancements in usability, increased standardization, better performance, and greater efficiency.

In 3E Financial Reporting 2.0, we’ve redesigned our reporting functionality to provide advanced reporting capabilities, including multi-dimensional report outputs and more intuitive and easy-to-use report components. More robust search functionality enables easier searches within account selections, which can help users more quickly and efficiently find the data they need. In addition, we’ve simplified data sources, so you no longer need to continually recreate the same data source, and you can reuse budget reports for any budget, saving time and eliminating unnecessary duplication.

3E Financial Reporting 2.0 allows for the seamless transfer of reports thanks to enhancements of the Report Migration Tool. An advanced validation process ensures reports are valid before being migrated and prevents users from accidentally overwriting any existing reporting options. Together, these enhancements allow you to confidently get the reports you need, when you need them.

In 3E Financial Reporting 2.1, we’ve made under the hood improvements that will help deliver better performance, improved installation, and optimized GL Detail reporting. In addition, 3E Financial Reporting is now Microsoft Excel 2016 compatible, so customers can run the latest Microsoft Office version.

3E Financial Reporting 2.0 Highlights

Redesigned account selections

  • Account Selections have been separated from Account Filters for easier use and management of natural vs. non-natural segments
  • Robust search functionality within account selections lets you search on attributes of a natural account (i.e. category and class) or full accounts (i.e. description, category, natural, class, masked alias)
  • Combine a single search, ranges, and full accounts into one account selection to create complex account selections

Simplified data sources

  • You no longer need to recreate the same data source over and over again, as data sources are now predefined and integrated within the Axis Editor
  • Create budget reports that are reusable for any budget, multiple budgets, and year after year
  • A simplified interface within the Axis Editor allows users to select standard data source settings without restrictions
  • The settings for each data source are saved directly within a Report Definition, keeping each setting specific to an individual report but no longer dependent on a firm-defined data source

Report migration tool updates

  • Advanced validation process prevents invalid reports from being migrated and users from accidentally overwriting existing reporting objects
  • Migrate reports directly from one database to another
  • Option to export reports to a file allowing for the import to happen at a later time. Helpful when firms are converting, upgrading, or migrating to new environments.
  • Standard reports are now deployed within the database installation instead of the report migration tool

Additional enhancements

  • New Axis Editor interactions provide a new look and feel for easier, more intuitive report design
  • Advanced reporting features allow more flexibility between rows and columns, including features that can burst columns by any combination of unit, office, department, and all non-local account segments.
  • Display options have been redesigned and are more accessible
  • Integration into Excel File menu (Excel Backstage view) provides a more Excel-like user experience
  • Optimized report generation times
  • Now compliant with Microsoft Excel 2013, WIN 8, Win 10, and 3E 2.8.0

3E Financial Reporting 2.1 Highlights

  • Initial installation has been significantly improved
  • Database maintenance scripts are applied during installation to update statistics and re-index the database. Defaulted to run weekly, firms have the option to establish their own maintenance schedule.
  • More flexible installation options improve the installation wizard experience
  • Tools enable support analysts to easily pinpoint key data points of both installation and report processing, providing a better support experience
    • Report generation times have been added to the report preview workbook
    • More information has been added to performance logs to easily pinpoint / identify accounts included in report output
  • New warning messages to Excel users when environments are in maintenance mode prevents the loss of critical report changes
  • Report generation times for GL Detail reports have improved significantly based on changes to the 3E Financial Report table structure for GL Detail data
  • Additional header/footer options on reports provide more options and more flexible formatting for longer headers and footers
  • Microsoft Excel 2016 compatibilty means customers can run the latest Microsoft Office version