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Exchange • Spring 2015 > Learn What's New in ProLaw 2015.1

What's New in Enterprise 3.11

Enterprise 3.11


  • Billing enhancements improve billing processes and create an easier user experience
  • Easier check handling and enhanced vendor auditing help streamline your vendor relationships
  • Additional WebView pages let you view information for a complete calendar or fiscal year
  • Enhanced integration between billing and records lets you accomplish your work faster

Improve Business Processes and Ensure You're Running Supported Technology

For more than 20 years, firms have turned to Enterprise® from Thomson Reuters Elite to manage and optimize their businesses. As an industry-leading financial and practice management application, Enterprise provides you with powerful functionality to compete in today's competitive environment. However, if you haven't upgraded to the latest version, you are missing out on many benefits. By upgrading to Enterprise 3.11, you get added features and functionality to help you better perform your job as well as the security of being on Microsoft® supported technology.

As the last major enhancement release for Enterprise, 3.11 delivers more than 200 enhancements across all core capabilities, including billing, accounts payable, general ledger, WebView®, conflicts, records, extend, and practice management. Updates include features and functionality designed to improve your processes and make your job easier. Billing Manager now offers the ability to easily identify who created new master records and when, more space to enter billing instructions, and enhanced reporting. Many updates to Conflicts Manager provide faster identification of problems, related party auditing, and the ability to globally modify existing data. Other enhancements include better vendor auditing, ability to close the General Ledger period for all units in one step, tighter integration between Records Manager and Billing Manager, and many more.

One of the biggest advantages of upgrading to Enterprise 3.11 is making sure you are running on Microsoft supported software. If you're currently on Enterprise 3.8 or below, you are no longer running on a platform configuration supported by Microsoft. Upgrading to 3.11 can put you on current software and help avoid the risk of downtime for your business. To prepare for the final phase of Enterprise, Elite has developed sophisticated, powerful, and intuitive solutions to support your business. Though not a necessity, choosing Enterprise 3.11 and the Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2/SQL Server 2014/Windows 10 will provide the longest support timeline and will make your progression beyond Enterprise easier and smoother.

Enterprise 3.11 Highlights


  • Added the date/time/user fields to Client, Matter, and Timekeep tables to easily identify the user that created new master records and when
  • Now allows for entry/query of 120 character UDF validation list descriptions
  • A description field has been added to the Timekeep Title table. The 15-character title field alone no longer has to act as a code AND description. Load program, Web services, and WebView also have been modified.
  • The size of the billing Instruction fields increased from 48 characters to 250; load program, Web services, and WebView also have been modified
  • A Global Change new drop-down option has been added to Proforma Edit—Time Modify and Cost Modify. Previously, this option only existed in Proforma Edit—Modify > Time/Cost Detail.
  • New option to exclude "AD" cards added to the Working Timekeeper Write up/Write down Analysis report
  • Auto Balancing Report Revenue section will support other revenue type ledger codes such as INTERIM fees and INTEREST revenue and not just FEE revenue
  • Additional validation when closing a matter has been added. Both Change Matter Status and Matter Global Close will prompt if unal- located payments exist with new vboption.

Accounts Payable and General Ledger

  • You can now reprint a batch of checks by querying on batch id only, there is no range of check numbers required to be entered
  • The vendor audit process has been enhanced to include additional vendor fields, and a new option has been added for auditing vendor UDF fields. Tracking is now available for these fields:
    • Main Vendor Maintenance tab: DBA field
    • Vendor Default Information tab: APGL Number, Expense GL Number, and Related Vendor fields
    • Vendor Address form: DBA field
    • Vendor User Defined Fields tab: All UDF fields
  • Several improvements have been made to the Vendor Trial Balance, including the addition of a query on voucher for a vendor, and a beginning balance and total by vendor AND a grand total for all vendors
  • Multi-company firms can now close all units in the Close GL Period in a single step


  • Beginning Year drop-down has been added to more statistics pages so you can view information for a complete calendar or fiscal year
  • You now specify the fields copied when using the copy previous fea- ture in Time Entry and Expense Entry
  • New option lets you suppress matters with zero values on Aged Unbilled and AR drill-downs
  • CONFID checks have been added to more than 100 additional pages Conflicts


  • Enhanced error/warning messages replace "Search too general" message in several places; clearer messages allow for faster identification of a problem
  • You can now transfer all links from one related party to another as well as globally modify related parties and links
  • Auditing for related parties has been added
  • Option to index and search on Prospective/Intake Batch Narrative has been added (also to WebView) Records


  • You can now set up multiple label printers in place of user overrides allowing a user in Office A to print labels on a printer in Office B
  • Firm level vboption has been added to allow you to control whether users can delete disposed files
  • Added the requestor to the Checkout History grid (also being added in WebView)
  • For faster creation of records, you can now model all attachments on one matter to itself or to another matter
  • Tighter integration between Billing Manager and Records Manager by allowing you to indicate at the matter level whether new folders can be added to that matter
  • A new option lets you close folders when a matter is closed in Billing Manager Extend


  • Reduced the probability of timeouts by limiting the number of emails sent per session to the SMTP Server
  • Improved notifications means an administrator will be emailed when an event fails or doesn't run for some reason
  • You can now send "CC:" notifications
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