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Design Gallery

Why Make the Switch?


  • Transform your data into a variety of formats, including Microsoft® Word, Excel®, XML, HTML, ePUB, Adobe® PDF, and ASCII
  • Process documents extremely fast and reduce time wasted waiting for output
  • Create Word and e-bill versions of invoices at the same time
  • Edit proformas as electronic documents for faster turnaround
  • Create different report versions for fee earners or firm management
  • Distribute documents quickly to a variety of destinations simultaneously

Is It TIme You Made the Switch from Document Studio?

Document Studio™ is an established software solution designed to automatically transform data from your existing systems into professional-looking invoices, reports, and other documents. As a user of Document Studio, you know that it has helped you produce documents significantly faster and more cost effectively than traditional methods.

While Document Studio is a solid solution for automating the creation and distribution of critical documents, you may need other features and benefits that go beyond its capabilities. If so, we have the answer for you with our next generation document automation solution—Design Gallery™.

Design Gallery has sophisticated capabilities that streamline the collection, conversion, and distribution of data within your Enterprise® or 3E® system. The Design Gallery infrastructure gives you more speed and flexibility to support specific and often varied business processes. With faster processing speeds, enhanced distribution capabilities, and the ability to effortlessly convert documents into multiple formats, Design Gallery may be the right move for your firm.

With Design Gallery you can move ahead to a more profitable future knowing that you are working with one of the world's leaders in providing professional services firms with the most innovative of business solutions. With more than 60 years of experience, Thomson Reuters Elite has the proven expertise to make it happen for you.

Should You Switch to Design Gallery?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, Design Gallery may be the right move for your firm.

Q. Do you require numerous Document Studio converters to operate effectively?

A. To handle your throughput requirements, you may require multiple converter instances. Document Studio, on average, produces documents at one page per 3 seconds, while on average Design Gallery produces 10+ pages per second—30 or more times faster. Thus, many firms only require one or two server instances of Design Gallery to handle their throughput needs and can eliminate the additional instances that are required with Document Studio.

Q. Do you have data too large to process quickly, or at all, with Document Studio?

A. Extremely large invoices and reports may take hours to produce and at times could fail to be generated with Document Studio. This may require files to be re-run through another process for successful completion. Design Gallery generates documents differently than Document Studio and can produce documents at any size necessary in a timely manner. The only limitation is that the end application viewing the document must be able to open it.

Q. Would you like your document automation to run as a true server solution?

A. Document Studio currently runs as a single-threaded application on your servers requiring your system to be logged in so the program can run correctly and interact with MS Word for document generation. Design Gallery runs as a service which does not require a login, nor does it require MS Word to be installed on the server. In addition, because Design Gallery is multi-threaded, many files can be converted at the same time, preventing any one file from stopping other files from being processed immediately.

Q. Are your templates complex and difficult to maintain?

A. Document Studio implementations typically have multiple templates developed which cannot share commonality. This may require rule creation and updates to be made in various locations, thus increasing the development time of your templates. Design Gallery allows common pieces to be shared among your various formats, so you only need to create or update one component to have it reflected wherever used. In addition, Design Gallery can produce various document types in unison from a single blueprint. So if you need .DOC and .PDF output to be generated from the same file, you do not need to create multiple copies of your templates to do so.

Q. Are you planning to move to 3E?

A. Design Gallery will be bundled with 3E 2.7 and higher for bill generation. If your move to 3E is imminent, you can move your bill formats to Design Gallery today and take advantage of its strengths, while reducing the overall work required in the future when you migrate to 3E.

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