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What's New in 3E 2.8


  • Performance enhancements make processes and functions more efficient
  • Addition of standard workflows saves time and money and provides configuration options instead of requiring customizations
  • Improvements to existing functionality deliver more capabilities than ever before
  • New Monitoring and Diagnostics solution provides a unified interface to view system, 3E, and SQL activities and tracing

3E® is changing the way you do business. As the leading next generation technology for law firms, 3E is an easy-to-use legal practice management solution that streamlines tasks and provides timely and accurate business information. As part of the complete Enterprise Business Management Solution offered by Thomson Reuters Elite, 3E helps firms manage critical areas of their business. Now, with many major enhancements and updates in 3E version 2.8, your firm will benefit from even more robust functionality to improve performance, increased standardization, and improvements in efficiency and usability.

Many of the performance enhancements in 2.8 are a direct result of the 3E Performance Response Team. With the teams' findings, we've improved our internal processes for diagnosing and addressing performance issues. As a result, we've developed best practices when implementing changes directly related to better performance. Users will experience more streamlined processes, faster processing, and the ability to conduct daily actions at a quicker pace.

3E 2.8 includes a large number of now standard workflows, templates, reports, and presentations to reduce implementation duration for new customers and to lower the cost of ownership for existing ones. Based on customer and Elite Services' feedback, we've developed standard workflows for several common processes that account for initial requests, approval steps, and notifications. These preconfigured workflows eliminate the need for costly customizations as a new workflow configuration process is provided within 3E, eliminating the need to write code in the IDE and ultimately improving profitability. In addition, parameters and notification details can be quickly and easily changed for specific needs.

With 3E, you can move ahead to a more profitable future knowing that you are working with one of the world's leaders in providing professional services firms with the most innovative of business solutions. With more than 60 years of experience, Thomson Reuters Elite has the proven expertise to make it happen for you.

3E 2.8 Highlights

Standardizations reduce implementation time and lower the cost of ownership

  • 40+ metric presentations and their corresponding ad hoc reports in Billing, AP, Trust, and Collections
  • 20+ Design Gallery templates for invoices, proformas, checks, statements, and letters
  • Five new standard workflows – trust disbursement request, voucher payment approval, write-off approval, office account payment request, and proforma-to-billing as well as a new workflow configuration process in the 3E interface that allows workflows to be created without the IDE and coding
  • Subleger balancing routines
  • At-a-glance balancing dashboards

Improvements to existing functionality give you more power

  • Increased controls over billing outputs with billing template default restrictions and credit note template defaults, giving firms the ability to decide the right level of billing flexibility
  • Broadened report visibility through added flexibility on when and how AP transactions are included on reports against management, cash, and accrual books
  • Second set of phase, task, and activity codes for time, cost, and charges
  • Entity merge capability to consolidate duplicate entities
  • Compound proforma adjustment capability

Performance gains make processes and functions more efficient

  • GL Detail to Summary improvements in building summary tables
  • Progressive rendering (as user scrolls) in grids throughout the application
  • Conflicts search results display time improvement
  • Optional user interface animations
  • Parallel rendering of dashboard parts to present data as it is available
  • Quicker Proforma Generation Closes (streamlined processing of modified vs. unmodified proformas)
  • Data level security performance improvements

New tools help you monitor, develop, and configure 3E

  • New Monitoring and Diagnostics product to monitor 3E activity and SQL activity, provide metrics and tracing, and help troubleshoot, all in a unified interface with dashboards for functional diagnostics
  • New Elite Services Bus 3E process interface for BizTalk load configurations
  • 3E Studio (technical preview release) allows for custom 3E development by leveraging standard Microsoft® Visual Studio capabilities
3E 2.8
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