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What's New in Business Development Premier 2016.2

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Customers with Thomson Reuters Intelligence Center can view in-depth litigation trends for a selected company from the Corporate Insights page.


  • Enhanced executive insights allow you to see professional profiles of officers, directors, and legal professionals in your firm's network
  • Expanded profile data provides a better vision of companies you currently work with and are targeting
  • Relationship paths take you beyond first degree connections to create new opportunities and win new business
  • Data on litigation trends lets you view analytics and trends that can impact your business; available with Thomson Reuters Intelligence Center

To develop new business in today's increasingly competitive market, a lawyer needs to be fully prepared and have all of the knowledge necessary to confidently make the best impression on prospects and clients. Business Development Premier from Thomson Reuters Elite makes it possible. Imagine for a moment walking into a meeting feeling fully confident in your knowledge of the company you're trying to win. You have detailed insights into the company's professionals, employment history, relationship data, and you can even pinpoint when your firm last communicated with the prospect. With the latest release of Business Development Premier, all of these are possible. Release 2016.2 makes it even easier to unlock the knowledge you have at your fingertips to form relationships and win new business.

Business Development Premier 2016.2 delivers increased insights into the companies and professionals that are important to your firm. With the ability to view additional details, you can easily make connections based on education, employment history, affiliations, board memberships, and more. Knowing more about the companies and individuals you're targeting, and focusing on the commonalities you have, can serve as a conversation starter and help you get a foot in the door. In addition, with new relationship matching, you can go beyond first degree contacts to find new business opportunities. By accessing relationship paths, you can harness the power of relationships across your entire firm to find and win more business.

For customers with access to the Thomson Reuters Intelligence Center, it's now possible to view litigation trends and analytics that could impact your business or provide you with new opportunities right from Business Development Premier. From a Litigation tab on the Corporate Insights page, you can easily view litigation trends and analytics as well as merger and acquisition news for a selected company. With six customizable views, you can gain a complete view of a company's potential so you can capitalize on the opportunities best for you as well as strengthen the existing relationships you have.

With Business Development Premier, you get more than a traditional CRM system. As part of the Thomson Reuters Elite Enterprise Business Management Solution, it provides you with a complete end-to-end system with built-in best practices for every stage in the marketing lifecycle. Its relationship management tools uncover buried opportunities and find three to five times more relationships than other CRM systems.

Business Development Premier 2016.2 Highlights

Increased Executive Insight

  • View professional profiles of officers, directors, and companies you're working with or targeting
  • Pull up data on a person's firm activity, relationship trends, biographies, employment history, board memberships, education, affiliations, and admittances
  • Match contacts in your firm's database with Thomson Reuters data to display expanded information, including relationship strength, timing of recent communications, and colleagues who know the contact
  • Person matching enables you to access relationship paths identified by the Business Development Premier Data Engine
  • Go past first degree connections to target second degree connections across your firm
  • Available in Data Engine, CRM, and Workspace

Increased Litigation Insight

  • Litigation tab on the Corporate Insights page now displays for customers with Thomson Reuters Intelligence CenterTM To learn more about the latest release of Business Development Premier or for a global list of office locations, visit
  • View litigation analytics from the Intelligence Center
  • View six dashboards providing customizable views to better identify and understand recent litigation trends or activity
  • Dashboards include Litigation Activity by Jurisdiction, Company Comparisons, Representation, Company News, Recent Filing, and Collaboration
  • Available in Data Engine, CRM, and Workspace
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