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Exchange • Winter 2015 > Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

The following are tips and tricks to help when using Elite software products.


What can I expect from the new MatterSphere upgrade?

MatterSphere 7.1 delivers a really fresh, intuitive experience. A new interface which more closely aligns with what users are used to seeing in Microsoft Office, with customizable navigation tree, plus increased search functionality within the Admin Kit

How can I better work with Precedent Manager job lists?

When you select a precedent from the Precedent Manager you can generate it immediately by selecting it then selecting Continue.

However, if you have number of precedents to run you can generate them all at once, to save you go back in and out of the Precedent Manager. This is done by adding them to the Job List.


How can I change the Type C (ATTY) minimum amount from 0.01 to 600.00 in the Enterprise 1099 Generator?

To change the 1099 Type C (ATTY) minimum value from 0.01 to 600.00, first try changing the amount in the Define Types window manually or by clicking the Set Minimum button on the right-hand side (this will apply to all the items that are checked).

Click Define Types to open the window again and verify If the minimum amount saved the 600.00 value.

If this did not work, or if you are still having issues you can read the full article on the knowledge base.

My metric data is not updating, what can I do?

In Notification Task and Log Viewer check that metric has not failed. If it has failed, go to the specific metric run and try to run it again (if it is a large metric such as Timecard Life or Costcard Life wait until it runs again since it will slow down the system).

If the metric hasn’t failed check the Notification Task Event to see when it is next scheduled to update. Certain metrics like Billing Realization do take longer to populate.


What additional training opportunities are available for ProLaw?

Maximize your ProLaw investment with our new online training classes, and stay up to date on best practices and tips for using the solution.

  • Conducted by an expert trainer who provides live instruction and hands-on exercises for in-depth learning
  • Participate in single or multi-day classes designed around the different learning needs and availability of your staff
  • Choose from topics such as front office, back office, and reporting, including working with matters, contacts, dockets, time entry, pre-bills, invoicing, and accounting.

Design Gallery

Can I use native images with Visual Designer?

Just choose the “Sub-Document Link | Image Link” option from the Insert tab. This will allow you to insert a native image file such as a JPG or PNG into your Design Gallery component output.


For more tips and tricks, visit the Knowledge Base at If you have a tip or trick you would like to see in upcoming issues or you were able to use one or more of the tips and tricks above, please contact Jillian Loustaunau.