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Exchange • Q4 2015 > Learn What's New in ProLaw 2016.1

What's New in Workspace R2


  • View financial management, matter management, and business development insights and data in a single place
  • Access business development information on the go with a full 360° view of your client or prospect relationship
  • Extensive time entry and usability capabilities provide an enhanced user-friendly experience
  • Critical data is synced seamlessly, giving you a holistic view to develop new business

Workspace is Thomson Reuters Elite's innovative platform that enables you to access your business management activities in one intuitive user experience. Powered by the Elite Integration Framework (EIF), Workspace combines the information and functionality that lawyers need in one place, from new business intake, to time and revenue management, to matter management—all from your desktop or mobile device. In the newest release of Workspace, we've enhanced the overall experience and added capabilities that deliver even more efficiency to your firm.

In R2, there are a number of enhancements designed to improve the user experience, including additional time entry capabilities, updates to the user interface and EIF framework, and more. More robust time entry and management features offer calendar and list views, expansion codes, 3E business rules enforcement, and the ability to save a timecard as pending or to post it. Gain flexibility, including the ability to edit and create queries, with our expanded EIF framework capabilities that allow you to modify the data presented in Workspace, including the presentation of custom metric data. In addition, updates to Elite Mobile now give you the option to track your time offline.

Another big enhancement to the latest version of Workspace is the additional integration capabilities. You now can view financial management, matter management, and business development data in a single place. No more switching in and out of systems. With your critical data seamlessly synced in Workspace, you'll save time while benefiting from a holistic view of the information you need to make business decisions and win new business.

With Workspace, you can move ahead to a more profitable future knowing that you are working with one of the world's leaders in providing professional services firms with the most innovative of business solutions. With more than 60 years of experience, Thomson Reuters Elite has the proven expertise to make it happen for you.

Workspace R2 Highlights

Data Sync: 3E and MatterSphere

  • Add and modify in 3E or MatterSphere and sync to the other
  • 3E effective dated records are created as of the add or modify date
  • Modify in Workspace, and updates are synced to both 3E and

Data Sync: 3E and Business Development Premier

  • Business Development Premier obtains needed data from 3E directly
  • Enable marketing automation and experience management use cases in the native Dynamics CRM user interface
  • Available now in two new configurations: Business Development Premier and 3E/Business Development Premier
  • Leverage 3E, ContactNet, and Dynamics CRM for complete client intelligence information

Time Entry and Management Enhancements

  • Expansion codes
  • 3E business rules enforcement, including billing rules
  • Save as pending or post
  • Calendar and list views
  • Easier and more efficient matter look-up
  • Bulk posting
  • Multi-card viewing and editing
  • Missing time alert

User Interface Enhancements

  • Proxy user
  • Rich text narrative
  • Date filters on key performance indicator charts and tables
  • "As of" date on charts and tables
  • Optional sub-tabs in layout views
  • Lock list view columns

Designer Enhancements

  • Drag and drop, copy/paste
  • Sub-classing capabilities
  • More logical grouping of controls
  • Defaulted control types when adding new controls
  • Improved querying
  • Persona listing and bulk assignment

Elite Integrations Framework Enhancements

  • Query Editor is enabled by default which allows 3E and MatterSphere queries to be updated and new ones created
  • More flexibility for the use of custom metrics and to additional or different, display statistics, etc.

Elite Mobile Enhancements

  • Parity with Workspace Web features
  • Offline support for time entry
  • Ability to forward documents in original format
Workspace R2
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