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What's New in ProLaw 2016.1


  • Enhanced billing features provide automation that saves time and improves billing efficiency and accuracy
  • Expanded journal functionality allows for automatic invoice tracking which saves time and provides better visibility for invoices and client payments
  • Technology updates mean Citrix/Terminal Server is now fully supported
  • New Pro Filing functionality improves document and time management by allowing users to perform tasks directly in the native application
ProLaw 2016.1 New Portal Interface

ProLaw® is the comprehensive business management solution from Thomson Reuters Elite that enables law firms, corporate legal departments, and government agencies to fully automate the practice and manage the business of law. Innovative functionality gives you the tools to manage, work, and run more efficiently, so you can focus on growing your business. With ProLaw Release 2016.1, you will benefit from technology updates and billing and journal functionality enhancements that will save you time and help you run more efficiently and effectively.

The enhancements of ProLaw 2016.1 are all about saving time and increasing efficiency across your organization. Improvements to billing features and journal functionality were designed to help the accounting and back office staff improve productivity in their day-to-day activities. For example, the ability to edit transactions in pre-bills without printing and then scheduling multiple statements to send at once reduces the risk of errors and is a great time saver. We've also automated many processes that used to be manual, such as tracking client payments and posting cash receipts, and figuring discount percentages.

The new version of ProLaw also brings added convenience and productivity enhancements for lawyers. We've added time recording features that help prevent errors and allow time entry and editing from the ProLaw Portal. These updates provide more accurate time entries and ultimately can improve your bottom line. In addition, added functionality to the ProLaw Portal lets lawyers add a contact as well as search and view matters, contacts, and dockets which keeps lawyers working most efficiently and effectively while on the go.

An additional addition to ProLaw 2016.1 is an update in technology that makes it possible for Citrix/Terminal Server to now be supported. This, in addition to the other time saving and efficiency enhancements, provides you with the most sophisticated business management software designed to meet your needs and improve performance.

Enhanced Billing Features

  • Administrators can set how many hours can be entered during a 24-hour time frame, minimizing time-recording errors
  • Assign a default statement format when setting up new matters to reduce the risk of sending incorrect statements
  • Set a discount percentage for fees at the matter level with the automatic discount percentage field on the billing tab
  • Edit transactions in pre-bills without the need to print the bill
  • Schedule multiple statements to automatically send at the same time instead of sending invoices one at a time from Ledger

Expanded Journal Functionality

  • Automatic tracking and posting of client payments eliminates the need for manual tracking of invoices

New Pro Filing Functionality

  • Integration with Microsoft Word Meta Data Scrubber tracks hidden meta data and removes it from the document
  • Save as ProLaw Document screen offers additional time tracking functionality so users can start tracking time the moment a document is saved to ProLaw
  • Now you can make a new document version and make changes to it while also saving the original version
  • Save Outlook appointments directly from Outlook to ProLaw

Technology Updates

  • Citrix/Terminal Server is now supported

Additional Enhancements

  • Add a contact and search and view matters, contacts, and dockets from the ProLaw Portal
  • Edit and enter time from the ProLaw Portal
  • Import and track invoices generated by any outside counsel with which you're doing business
  • Recent documents window in the dashboard lets you view, print, or email your recent documents directly from the dashboard
ProLaw 2016.1
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