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Exchange • Spring 2015 > Learn What's New in ProLaw 2015.1

Learn What's New in ProLaw 2015.1


  • Expanded dashboard functionality, including drill-down capabilities saves you time and improves efficiency
  • Enhanced events capabilities allow for better organization of your documents through a sub-directory structure
  • New Pro Filing functionality improves productivity with the ability to easily save to ProLaw from any Microsoft Office application
  • Improvements to ProLaw Mobile now give you access from your iPhone®

ProLaw is Thomson Reuters Elite's comprehensive business management solution that enables law firms, corporate legal departments, and government agencies to fully automate the practice and manage the business of law. Innovative functionality gives you the tools to manage, work, and run more efficiently, so you can focus on growing your business. With ProLaw Release 2015.1, you will benefit from functionality enhancements designed to save time, increase efficiency, and improve productivity.

ProLaw 2015.1 is built on the .NET platform and combines the solid foundation and progressive technology of ProLaw 2014.1. Most notable is the expanded dashboard functionality. Users can save time with the ability to edit or complete daily dockets directly from the dashboard. In addition, it is now easier and faster to get the reports you need about the health of your business. Simply drill down from the management dashboard to view the background details for each key chart and graph. All of the information is in real time, helping you to quickly see the detailed report for each business metric so you can make informed business decisions.

The new version of ProLaw also brings added convenience and productivity enhancements. Users can customize how they want to view their documents in matter events using a sub-directory structure. Better search capabilities within matter events help you easily find the information you need when you need it. In addition, when you are working in other programs, you can access Pro Filing without running ProLaw. You can save documents, emails, and Excel® spreadsheets directly to ProLaw from the Windows® application.

Rounding out the newest release are enhancements to ProLaw Mobile that make it even easier to access ProLaw while on the go. Now you can access data, input information, and enter time directly into ProLaw using your iPhone. This, in addition to existing iPad® functionality, keeps you connected anytime and anywhere.

ProLaw 2015.1

ProLaw 2015 Highlights

Expanded dashboard functionality

  • Drill down into several management charts and graphs to view the financials behind them
  • Charts and graphs with drill-down capabilities include Top Ten WIP, Total WIP, Top Ten A/R, and Total A/R
  • One-click access to the report module that is associated with a chart or graph makes it faster to run reports
  • Edit or complete daily dockets directly from the dashboard instead of from matters or events

Enhanced events capabilities

  • Arrange documents in a sub-directory structure similar to Windows Explorer®
  • Customize how you want to view documents in matter events
  • Perform full-text searches for dockets, documents, or notes within matters or events

New Pro Filing functionality

  • Save documents, emails, and Excel spreadsheets directly from the Microsoft Office application
  • Technical improvements between ProLaw and Microsoft® Office 2010 and 2013 bring more stability to Pro Filing

Improvements to ProLaw Mobile

  • Get real-time mobile access to ProLaw using your iPhone
  • Access data, input information, and enter time directly into ProLaw
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