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Exchange • Spring 2015 > Combine Business Development Premier with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Combine Business Development Premier with Microsoft Dynamics CRM


  • Free up valuable staff time by eliminating the need for manual data entry
  • Automatically integrate critical relationship data about companies, industries, board members, and executives in Dynamics CRM
  • Increase visibility into all aspects of your business with complex search capabilities
  • Gain access to the most complete view of your relationship network, including who knows whom and how well, with integrations into address books, email traffic patterns and signatures, and calendar entries

Supercharge CRM with No Data Entry

Company Profiles

Company Profiles give you instant access to the powerful Thomson Reuters company database, including business and financial data, officers and directors, and competitors.

Your organization has invested significant time and resources in acquiring and building client and prospect relationships, and an investment in Microsoft Dynamics® CRM is one that can make a significant difference in your success. Yet gathering, entering, and maintaining customer data is cumbersome and time-consuming. Business Development Premier from Thomson Reuters Elite, a certified Microsoft partner, solves this challenge by automating data entry and cleansing, and giving you visibility into three to five times more contacts than you would have otherwise.

Business Development Premier, the market's first and most robust enterprise relationship management system (ERM), significantly speeds Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation by searching the entire extended network of your company's relationships and populating your master database through a combination of sophisticated search tools, relationship monitoring, and advanced reportingówithout manual data entry. Business Development Premier does this by automatically uncovering and de-duplicating client data from Microsoft Dynamics, address books, email traffic patterns and signatures, and calendars. This not only ensures your contact data is accurate, it allows you to see who knows whom and how well. And with company profiles from Thomson Reuters, you gain a perspective never before possible with access to a database that includes financial data, officers and directors, competitors, and more for millions of companies worldwide.

For nearly a decade, Business Development Premier has been helping leading global organizations solve the challenge of uncovering untapped relationships and turn them into business assets.

Comprehensive Relationship Intelligence

Business Development Premier for Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

  • Gives you a view into the Thomson Reuters company profiles database which includes access to financial data, officers and directors, competitors, and more for millions of companies worldwide
  • Shows you who knows whom and how well, so you can find your strongest relationships and use them for your key initiatives
  • Notifies you of significant events that impact your key relationships, such as when your colleague establishes a new relationship with one of your contacts or a change in job title for one of your contacts
  • Ensures privacy protection with advanced data filtering and highly customizable privacy configuration options, so you can control what information is shared
  • Provides full-service support with Thomson Reuters Elite's team of experts providing ongoing project management, consultation, support, system monitoring, and training to ensure you get maximum value from Business Development Premier
  • Gathers email, calendar appointments, vcards, and signatures from Microsoft Exchange™ and Microsoft Office 365™

Relationship strength values show you who knows whom and how well.

MS Dynamics CRM

Business Development Premier helps you get up and running on Microsoft Dynamics CRM quickly and easily. No data entry means you can free up valuable staff time with the knowledge that Business Development Premier is doing the work for you to keep the Dynamics CRM database current and accurate.

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