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Leverage Business Development Premier to
Uncover All Key Relationships Without Any Data Entry Download


  • Streamline workflow with the easy-to-use dashboard landing page that delivers personalized relationship intelligence and analytics
  • Drive and support new sales, account management, marketing automation, and executive intelligence
  • Receive automatic updates about new relationships and organizational changes through the Network Updates feed
  • Free up valuable staff time by eliminating the need for manual data entry
  • Search for and integrate critical relationship data about companies, industries, board members, and executives into your CRM and social/collaboration platforms
  • Gain visibility into all aspects of your business with complex search capabilities
  • Gain insight from anywhere, any time using a tablet-friendly design
Business Development Premier

Business Development Premier finds previously untapped relationships and turns them into business assets by searching through address books, email logs, signature blocks, and calendar entries

Your organization has invested significant time and resources in acquiring and building client and prospect relationships. Yet many of your critical relationships may be untapped, stored in email systems, and uncaptured by CRM tools, severely limiting your potential to leverage these relationships for business development. For nearly a decade, Business Development Premier has been helping leading global organizations solve this challenge and turn these relationships into business assets.

Business Development Premier Delivers:

  • More insight into key relationships with no additional data entry
  • The ability to see not only who you know, but how well you know them, so you can find and leverage your strongest relationships
  • Visibility into 3-5 times more contacts than you currently have in your CRM system

Business Development Premier is the market's first and most robust enterprise relationship management (ERM) solution that automatically identifies, deduplicates, and classifies relationship data across your organization. In conjunction with Thomson Reuters' powerful market information resources, Business Development Premier provides users with the unique ability to measure and act upon those relationships to retain and develop clients.

Business Development Premier searches the entire extended network of your company's relationships through a combination of sophisticated search tools, relationship monitoring, and advanced reporting—and without manual data entry. With Business Development Premier, you can find your strongest relationships and use them for your key initiatives.

Company Profiles

Company profiles give you instant access to the powerful Thomson Reuters company database, including business and financial data, officers and directors, and competitors.

Comprehensive Relationship Intelligence

With Business Development Premier, you can quickly gain comprehensive relationship intelligence with no additional data entry or maintenance. Business Development Premier serves clients in several unique ways:

  • Automatic data capture: Business Development Premier automatically captures relationship data by monitoring multiple data sources (each optional) and applying advanced network analytics
  • Data enhancement: Automatic collection of email signatures ensures complete contact profiles and enhances the accuracy of your relationship information
  • Proven relationship strength analytics: Implementing a complex variable algorithm, Business Development Premier ranks colleagues' relationship strength to contacts, clients, or industries. Colleagues with the strongest relationships surface to the top of search results
  • Network updates and relationship alerts: Get automatic updates of role and relationship changes. Receive alerts notifying you about significant events that impact one of your key relationships, such as one of your colleagues communicating with one of your contacts or when too much time has passed since you last communicated with a key contact
  • Company Profiles: Get instant access to the powerful Thomson Reuters company database, including business and financial data, officers and directors, competitors, and more
  • Privacy layers: Advanced data filtering and highly customizable privacy configuration options enable you to control what information is shared
  • Full-service support: Thomson Reuters Elite's team of experts provides ongoing project management, consultation, support, system monitoring, and training to ensure you get maximum value from Business Development Premier
  • Quick deployment: Installs in days and fully deployed in about 6-8 weeks with minimal impact on your organization's IT time or resources, providing you with the benefit of SaaS and the security of an on-premise solution

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