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Exchange • Winter 2015 >Improve Billing Accuracy Through Real-time Compliance

Improve Billing Accuracy Through Real-time Compliance

In almost every law firm, time entry is disconnected from the client's billing guidelines. In this webinar, learn how to improve billing accuracy and enhance client trust through real-time compliance.

More than ever, lawyers need to be connected with the billing rules so that they are in compliance with their clients' guidelines. Firms that follow real-time compliance will cut costs, create faster billing cycles, and reduce rejection rates.

Breakthrough technology is changing the way lawyers work, allowing for accounting and finance departments to work directly with lawyers to ensure that billing guidelines are met in real-time. Discover how the integration between iTimeKeep™ from Bellefield and eBillingHub from Thomson Reuters Elite is changing the way law firms achieve real-time compliance.

CLICK HERE to view this previously recorded webinar and learn how eBillingHub can improve your e-billing process today.

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