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Update from Cary Burch

Cary Burch

I am pleased to bring this edition of the Thomson Reuters Elite Exchange Magazine to you, our valued clients. 2012 was a very important year for us as an organization. We rolled out several initiatives that laid the ground work for what we want to accomplish in 2013. Our strategy and vision for Thomson Reuters Elite is to become the leading Enterprise Business Management Solution provider. To achieve this, we will transform from providing individual products to providing solutions that meet our clients’ needs across Business Development, Risk Management, Client & Matter Management, and Financial Management.

The year of 2012 was a record setting year for Thomson Reuters Elite, and there were many highlights and accomplishments. We signed our 100th customer to 3E, ProLaw saw sales growth of 14 percent, we expanded Envision in Hong Kong and signed 14 new Envision deals, we had record breaking transactions with eBillingHub, 3E Mobile was successfully launched, and there was record breaking attendance at the 2012 User Conference. We also saw Thomson Reuters Elite achieve flagship brand status, MatterSphere launched in the US with a very promising sales pipeline and became Windows 8 Certified, there was international expansion with Envision with new clients in Australia and our very first client in China, and we closed our largest deal for Business Development with Freshfields.

With the addition of the Hubbard One business development products, we filled an important gap in our Enterprise Business Management Solution strategy. Business development is key to our growth and an area where we are making significant investments with new releases.  As law firms continue to feel economic pressures of a slow growing industry, the focus has turned to improving how client relationships are managed and how lawyers participate in business development activities. Thomson Reuters Elite is now positioned to meet the specific challenges facing firms today with our new product lines.

Thomson Reuters Elite will continue to be innovative in 2013. The future of the law office is changing. The workforce is getting younger, and the expectation of how to use technology is drastically evolving. In the near future, technology will be used to support all aspects of legal work. With this mind, our focus and strategy will be to continue to provide innovative technology, including mobile apps and improvements in the user experience in 2013. We have several new mobile apps being introduced for Business Development, ProLaw, and Envision this year. We are confident and excited to provide the innovation our clients need to face the challenges in the legal landscape.

I hope you enjoy the articles on these pages and learn more about how Thomson Reuters Elite is evolving to meet the needs of our clients. Please feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions or topic ideas for the Thomson Reuters Elite Exchange Magazine. We look forward to helping you achieve great success in 2013 and beyond.

Cary Burch
Thomson Reuters Elite

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