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Tips and Tricks

The following are tips and tricks to help when using Thomson Reuters Elite software products.



Enter Costs using Control Totals

This process provides the ability to restrict the posting of costs if the batch control total and batch detail totals are not equal. The user is not be allowed to post the transactions until the amount of costs (the items in the "r;batch") matches the amount of the control total entered on the Folder page.

  1. Select Cost Entry Using Control Totals from the 3E dashboard.
  2. Select the Folder service from the worklist.
  3. Type the batch amount in the Control Total field. This field is required.
  4. Click Add.
  5. Type information about the cost(s) in the worklist grid or form fields. Fields preceded with an asterisk are required.
  6. Click Release. The transactions will not be posted until the receipt total matches the Control Total entered on the Folder page.
  7. Click Update to get a cumulative batch total. The total displays at the bottom of the worklist.

Cloning Application Objects for IDE development

If you want to create a copy of a stock Report (or other App Object) to customize in 3E, you can use the Utilities. In the AppObject XML Editor, bring up the object you wish to clone, go to the 'Editor Edit' menu and choose Clone to create a copy. Make sure you set the Is Custom property to true before saving the new version of the report!



Taxman Cometh! 1099 season is upon us.

Quickly prepare your ProLaw 1099 records for IRS reporting . The Elite Knowledge Base provides step by step processes including:

  • The best ways to create and manage vendor contacts.
  • Troubleshooting help for vendors in Contacts and payables in Journals.
  • Example queries used to locate vendor and payable data.
125232 POE Training: 1099-MISC Report Production This course will examine the steps involved to produce a 1099-MISC report in ProLaw XII. Training Video
125054 Preparing IRS Form1099-MISC Using ProLaw XII In this document, you will find information specific to 1099 Vendor Contact set up and troubleshooting issues with Journals and Contacts and 1099-MISC Report Generation. PDF
ProLaw - 1099


How to add External Applications or Files to the Enterprise Favorites Bar

To make it faster and easier to work between Enterprise and multiple applications and files, add them to the Favorites Bar within Enterprise. Here's how:

  1. Open Enterprise, click View on the menu bar and select Favorites Bar.
  2. Right click in the middle of the Favorites Bar and click Add New Group. Name the group, e.g., My Other Apps or Month-End Tools.
  3. Under your new group, right click and select Add Item. Browse your hard drive for an application, e.g., MS-Excel or a file/folder, e.g., Month-End Closing Procedure.doc, to include on your Enterprise Favorites Bar. You can also drag and drop items from your Desktop on to your Enterprise Favorites Bar. A Favorites group with its own items can be set up for individuals or departments working in Enterprise.

For more details, see KB article 73905: How to add External Applications or Files to the Enterprise Favorites Bar



Envision Search features

You can add further search fields to the search tool to provide more information in the results. For example, if you want to search for all open matters for a particular fee earner with an outstanding bill balance, you can add the Bills Balance fields as follows:


Select the Client or Matter search function using either the binoculars in the Client or Matter Details page,

or from the Workplace toolbar.


The search fields are displayed. Select the
Field button to display the search field list.


Select or clear the check boxes for the required fields. The fields are listed in alphabetical order and more fields can be viewed by scrolling down.

Click OK to save.


The additional search field is now available and bill values can be selected using the
>(greater than), = (equal to), < (less than), etc.


Repeat these 4 steps for the Return button to add extra columns to the search results window, allowing the actual Bills Balance to be displayed.



Editing a letter on screen

MatterSphere templates have merge fields built into them that display data recorded in the system, to save you entering the information such as names and addresses, references. If you have a letter on screen and notice for example that the address displayed needs editing, don't try to change it on the letter itself it will allow you to, but when it goes to the printer it will print as it was before you made the change. You need to update the data on MatterSphere first, then your letter will update automatically on re-linking the fields. This ensures the correct information displays the next time you create a letter to that person.

  1. Edit MatterSphere data for the letter
    With the document open in Word, select the Current Document ribbon. Select the relevant Info icon:
    Current Client Info to edit details about the client.
    Current Matter Info to edit details about the matter.
    Current Associate Info to edit details about the person you are writing to. This opens the Associate Details screen, where you can edit the associate details, such as their reference in relation to the matter. You can also select the Edit Contact link to edit their details.
  1. Relink Fields
    When you make changes to some of the data, you are prompted to relink the fields in the document once you close the MatterSphere window. If you are not prompted, you should manually select Re-Link Fields from the Current Document ribbon.


Create a New Third Party from the Assign Resource(s) Pop Up

Based on client requests, we have implemented an enhancement allowing you to create a new third party from the Assign Resource(s) pop up instead of going into the 3rd Parties tab.

When starting to add resources to your Engage project plan, go into the Assign Resource(s) pop up window and select all resources that will be involved in the matter. If all resources are selected, you can assign a person or title to a task from the Phase/ Plan tab instead of having to go to the Assign Resource(s) pop up to do this, allowing you to enter your plan more easily and efficiently.


For more tips and tricks, visit the Knowledge Base at If you have a tip or trick you would like to see in upcoming issues or you were able to use one or more of the tips and tricks above, please contact Shannon Scharkey at

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