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Coming Soon 3E v2.7

Elite 3E v2.7 is designed to optimize firm performance by building upon the three "Es" of the core solution—Enabling, Embedded, Everywhere. 3E provides an end-to-end solution that is built to meet a firm's specific needs. Now, with v2.7, firms will have more tools to help them run smarter, thrive, and grow.

TRE 3E Overview

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One upgrade in 2.7 is a new look and feel and enhanced navigation capabilities. 3E is being refreshed to provide a new, personalized dashboard that makes navigation even easier and more intuitive. There is now a Personal Tray with an action list and favorites tailored to how the user uses 3E. Other additions include enhanced query functionality, expanded time capture options, and more, so users will be able to further streamline workflow for increased productivity.

In version 2.7, we incorporated key enhancements based on feedback clients provided. A number of productivity features and enhancements in the core financials and practice management products, including Billing, General Ledger, Conflicts, and Reporting, will help improve efficiency and output quality. 3E 2.7 will have a brand new reporting module, with increased reporting flexibility and almost unlimited reporting capabilities. There are more tools to help deal with global transactions and increased financial statutory and regulatory requirements. Easy integration of other systems with Conflicts and in Calendar Management make for quick and comprehensive inquiries, enabling firms to reduce risk and quickly stay current with important rules.

Register for an upcoming 3E 2.7 webinar. You will learn how 3E 2.7's improved user experience helps you run your firm smarter and faster.

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