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Envision Enables Superior Level of Service

More Efficiently and Cost-Effectively for Top 50 UK Law Firm

Thomson Reuters Elite is pleased to announce that top 50 UK law firm Pannone LLP continues to receive numerous benefits from deploying Envision less than one year ago. Primarily used in its Court of Protection (COP) department, which manages more than £230 million on behalf of its COP clients, Envision provides a single point of entry and discovery for all client-related data, allowing for streamlined internal processes and better client communication.

Envision provides the required flexibility to cater to COP’s unique needs, which includes administering the finances and day-to-day affairs of a diverse range of clients. The firm also benefits from the ease of discovering and monitoring time recording capacities and progress against targets, which allows management to drive up utilization and ultimately realization.

“The go-live process went smoothly from the beginning, which was an impressive feat due to the number of disparate content sources needed to be consolidated,” said Pannone Business Services Director – IT Luigi Salzano. “With Elite's assistance, this data migration was achieved on time and on budget. Envision is able to easily support the specialized needs of our Court of Protection department, which enables us to provide a superior level of service to our clients in a more efficient and cost- effective way.”

“Based on our long-standing relationship with Pannone and understanding of its needs, we were confident that Envision would address the firm’s challenges and provide meaningful benefits,” said Colin Kennedy, senior director, mid-market solutions at Thomson Reuters Elite. “Pannone is a great example of how advanced matter and client management can help law firms operate their business cost-effectively and with great client service.”

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