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Paperless Proforma and eBillingHub Integrated Billing Tools
for a Faster Work to Cash Cycle

Thomson Reuters Elite solutions have dramatically improved the proforma and billing process of legal and professional services firms worldwide. Paperless Proforma has automated the proforma process and made it fast and efficient. eBillingHub has revolutionized electronic billing by checking for errors and validating invoices before they are submitted, dramatically improving the payment cycle. Now, Thomson Reuters Elite has made a powerhouse by integrating these tools so you can take your billing process to a new level of efficiency and high return.

This new integration provides your firm with a technological as well as a financial win. Paperless Proforma’s intuitive, browser-based pre-bill distribution and mark-up solution eliminates cumbersome and time-consuming manual processes, speeds the pre-billing stage, and gets invoices out the door faster. eBillingHub, a Web-based electronic billing solution that integrates seamlessly with a broad range of financial platforms, dramatically reduces the number of electronic bills that are rejected, freeing up your resources from having to address errors and resubmit bills.

Combined, these two solutions are one more step towards your firm making proforma and bill submission headaches a thing of the past. Integration between Paperless Proforma and eBillingHub advances the speed of the billing cycle by validating the bill through the proforma process. Before proformas would be routed through the invoicing cycle after generation and then submitted to eBillingHub for validation, now the bill validation can be done directly from Paperless Proforma. With a click of a button in Paperless Proforma, billers can send the proforma to eBillingHub, check for errors that might cause the bills to be rejected and correct them on the spot.

With Paperless Proforma and eBillingHub you can move ahead to a more profitable future knowing that you are working with one of the world’s leaders in providing professional services firms with the most innovative of business solutions.

Paperless Proforma and eBillingHub Integration

  • Shortens the billing cycle with bill validation at the proforma cycle
  • Simplifies and expedites the proforma process with Paperless Proforma’s intuitive, browser-based pre-bill distribution and mark up capabilities
  • Improves productivity with Paperless Proforma’s powerful reviewing, tracking and reporting tools
  • Improves cash flow through faster and easier billing practices with eBillingHub’s fully integrated, electronic billing solution
  • Eliminates billing errors prior to submission with eBillingHub’s powerful pre-billing validation features
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