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Coming Soon Enterprise 3.10 and WebView 5.5

Enterprise provides professional services firms with a comprehensive and customizable business solution to stay ahead of the competition. Pairing Enterprise with WebView further enhances the power through anywhere, anytime access to critical business data. Both of these solutions are now about to get even better. We've listened to your feedback and have incorporated your product suggestions into Enterprise 3.10 and WebView 5.5. The majority of enhancements were voted on by Enterprise clients and these new enhancements add many options to improve the overall user experience as well as streamline and increase visibility into important information.

New options have been added to control default behavior, such as defaulting a bill reversal date, displaying the name of the instance in the Title bar and having the status assigned when globally re-opening matters. Users will now be able to drill down into payment details in Billing Inquiry with this same enhancement also in WebView. A new Doing Business As field has been added to Vendors and Vendor Addresses and this new field can be indexed and searched using Conflicts Manager.

With Enterprise 3.10 and WebView 5.5 firms can move into a more profitable future knowing they will stay ahead of the competition.

Key Benefits

  • Increased control options reduce redundancies and streamline processes
  • Enhanced inquiry and reporting capabilities provide more visibility and analysis
  • Improved integrations to and from complementary systems reduce siloed information
  • Additional security options limit access and increase safeguards

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