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Build Resilience for Long-Term Success

What does it take to survive in today’s changing legal market? Resilience. That’s the takeaway from a Legal Week article by Fiona Westwood, who points to the unpredictable and disruptive nature of the current legal market as the reason lawyers need to become more resilient. And it’s this resilience that will ensure their long-term success.

“The ability to cope with external pressures to improve service levels, reduce fee levels, and move away from established ways of working and operating structures puts pressure on people in relation to their everyday practice,” she writes. “If we are to be able to respond positively to continuous and relentless changes we need to be able to learn and adapt.”

How? Lawyers need to become more confident in their skills and abilities, and then take control of their careers. The process of becoming more resilient includes several steps:

  1. Remember what is important to you.
  2. Develop a clear plan of where you want to be in five years.
  3. Build a positive reputation and increase your credibility.
  4. Develop good professional judgment.
  5. Take responsibility for yourself and your actions.

This proactive, self-reflective approach to discovering what you really want out of your profession, she believes, allows you to make more informed and better-for-you decisions that will enable long-term success.

Read the full article here.

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