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The Future of Legal CRM

The Game Has Changed. Does Your Firm Have the Tools to Keep Up?

Today's law firms have outgrown old legacy business development technologies. Increased competition, rising demands for new clients, and the need to differentiate your law firm have profoundly changed the business development landscape. You are forced to rely on technology that should give you meaningful and valuable ways to increase business, but you find yourself having to rely on systems that don't provide tailored workflows, have cumbersome implementations, and require on-going manual data management. Lawyers are too busy to contribute and resist using the software due to its complexity and their doubts as to its viability. Today you need a solid plan and the technology to support it.

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Business Development Premier from Thomson Reuters Elite
A Revolutionary Solution for a New Reality

Business Development Premier changes the way you play and win the game. A business development solution designed specifically for law firms. Business Development Premier is a CRM solution coupled with a radical data automation engine, enhanced with marketing automation, experience management tools, company profiles powered by Thomson Reuters, and competitive intelligence through integration with Monitor Suite.

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