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Tips and Tricks

The following are tips and tricks to help when using Thomson Reuters Elite software products.




With 3E 2.7, it is now possible to 'hide' processes so they cannot be selected from the 'Select Process' shortcut window. In the IDE, go into the Process Designer for the process you want to hide. In the Properties window for the process, change the Process Type to 'Hidden'. Then Build and Publish the process.



Expanded Text for Events

ProLaw Tips



Enterprise Conflicts

Setting a default Operator limits how far apart the terms in the string can be thus reducing irrelevant hits without being overly narrow. You can set this default in the Conflicts Options.

Conflicts Option: Default Search Operator for Prospective and Intake

Recommendation: Setting this Option = NEAR3 will auto-populate the Operator fields on the Search Terms screen with NEAR3 which will limit the distance search terms can be separated, but still allow enough room (30 characters) for middle names. This effectively reduces the potential for irrelevant hits and by extension, reducing the total number of hits that must be manually reviewed by the operator.

Display the Instance in the Title Bar of the Windows

Enterprise 3.10 allows you to display the instance in the title bar of the window. This will allow users to see immediately whether they are working in a Production or a Test instance.

To set the instance in the title bar, go into Tools > Options, and select Framework. The Display Database Name option controls what will display in the Title bar on the users' display.


Design Gallery

When building a new component, a copy of a previously built one is a good start. Simply open the component up, click File, Save As and give it a new filename. Be sure to give it a .XSL extension. Also, why not copy the filename into the clipboard so you don't have to re-type the name when you include it?


Paperless Proforma

Made a mistake on a submitted proforma and need to get it back? As long as a biller hasn't claimed it, you can click the "Reclaim" action on the toolbar and it will return the proforma to your lists.


For more tips and tricks, visit the Knowledge Base at If you have a tip or trick you would like to see in upcoming issues or you were able to use one or more of the tips and tricks above, please contact Shannon Scharkey at

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