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Thomson Reuters Launches Business Development Premier

Thomson Reuters Elite has recently launched Business Development Premier, a powerful new integrated platform designed to transform customer relationship management (CRM) and business development for law firms. This revolutionary, business development solution is built on the best-of-breed Microsoft Dynamics platform.

Business Development Premier takes business development to a whole new level. It combines CRM with enterprise relationship management technology and is enhanced with marketing automation, experience management tools, company profiles powered by Thomson Reuters, and competitive intelligence through integration with Monitor Suite. With this combination of powerful tools, firms can uncover new business opportunities from areas never touched before, develop better strategies with advanced insights, and enhance communications and campaign management in meaningful formats.

“For the first time, law firm leaders and marketing teams have an integrated tool that manages strategic business development information and work streams, adding a powerful new dimension to their business development activities,” says Eric Sugden, chief technology officer at Thomson Reuters Elite. “In creating Business Development Premier, our intention is to establish the most advanced business development platform possible and target it directly at addressing the issues so keenly felt by law firms.”

The new platform allows secure and seamless management of campaigns through the entire marketing campaign lifecycle to help you plan successful campaigns, engage  clients, convert opportunities, and measure results. The Business Development Premier platform brings together Thomson Reuters Elite’s suite of products and data streams to reduce the amount of time spent on data aggregation and tactical execution within law firms, enabling users to concentrate on developing and executing their marketing and business development strategy. In addition, it eliminates long lead times and reduces high failure rates of traditional CRM implementations, so firms see real ROI much faster.

The customer information is available and editable from a Smartphone or tablet, providing lawyers with anytime-anywhere access to client data, enhanced with relationship insight and competitive intelligence. Business Development Premier will be available in the cloud or on-premises. 

For more information, check out the Web site here.

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