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Coming Soon 3E Advanced Reporting


  • Maintain profit margins with improved analysis and decision making
  • Expand your reporting capabilities and create custom reports with ease
  • Quickly turn your data into easy-to-understand, attractive formats
  • Easily distribute reports with near-real time data to those who need it, when they need it through the dynamic data store framework
  • Customize your solution and let it grow with your changing needs

Easily Capture a Powerful Look into Your Business

The market today is constantly changing, and business models are more complex than ever. Firms are faced with new challenges and customer demands that are making it increasingly harder to maintain profit margins. To remain successful, you need tools to manage, measure, and provide a meaningful look into your current operations. And you need those tools to adapt as quickly as the demands change. 3E Advanced Reporting™, a powerful 3E® Business Intelligence tool and part of Thomson Reuters Elite's complete end-to-end Enterprise Business Management Solution, delivers on both.

Built on a powerful dynamic data store (DDS) framework, Advanced Reporting expands on the existing capabilities of 3E to provide faster, more flexible reporting that can grow as your firm grows. It's now easier to create and distribute reports when they're needed to those who need them. Customization options allow users to modify reports to meet specific needs. And the solution actually grows with your business and its users to continually keep up with your changing needs.

Advanced Reporting was developed with the analyst, administrator, and end user in mind. In doing so, we have created a solution that makes it easy to find the reports you need, schedule report distribution, and modify and create new reports. You can bring your data to life by choosing from more than 20 out-of-the box reports and close to 200 sub reports. Match your style by modifying the existing reports or easily develop your own creations.

With 3E Advanced Reporting, you can move ahead to a more profitable future knowing that you are working with one of the world's leaders in providing professional services firms with the most innovative of business solutions. With more than 60 years of experience, Thomson Reuters Elite has the proven expertise to make it happen for you.

A Solution for Everyone

  • Analysts can easily access data, author reports, analyze, and create compelling visuals
  • Administrators can manage report distribution, security, and auditing with ease
  • End users get easy access to comprehendible reports that let them analyze, decide, and act

See how your firm is performing across a range of key performance indicators, and identify trends over time.

Configure your dashboards to highlight the business intelligence you are most interested in to help decision making at your firm.

Reports to Fit Your Style

  • More than 20 out-of-the box reports on topics covering profitability, productivity, leverage, utilization, WIP, billing, accounts receivable, and collections
  • Modify existing reports in SSRS
  • Create new reports in report builder
  • Integrates with various data sources, including spreadsheets, databases, and PeopleSoft™, to bring in data from outside 3E
  • Integration into 3E means familiar navigation, while providing a low cost warehouse reporting solution
  • Admin home provides a one-stop shop to manage users, access reports and dashboards, as well as perform audits
  • Manage your report mail by flagging favorites, creating/renaming folders, and archiving

Bring Data to Life

  • Create your data, in your own style
  • Colorful, eye appealing graphics
  • Advanced visualization includes KPI reports, charts, and dashboards

Fast, Efficient, Flexible Delivery

  • Schedule intuitively to individuals or groups
  • Access dynamic reports with near-real time data refreshed throughout the day
  • Deliver as complete reports or as links
  • PDFs and drillable snapshots and adhoc capabilities in Microsoft® Excel®
  • Distribute to Advanced Reporting's inbox or Microsoft Outlook®
  • Dashboard view for easy access and increased visibility

Future-proof Technology

  • DDS and innovative 3E architecture design protects your firm's investment from future technology advances
  • controls report management, bursting, data, and data accessibility
  • Utilizes mature, proliferated technology: Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services

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