Web Services API

Streamline integration of third party solutions with Thomson Reuters Elite applications. Web Services API integrates Thomson Reuters Elite solutions with third party applications, vastly reducing the time and effort needed to share information.

  • Use the latest technology without having to purchase, install or learn how to use new programs or techniques
  • Simplify and streamline the access of data stored within Thomson Reuters Elite applications
  • Integrate Thomson Reuters Elite solutions with a wide array of systems, including intranet applications, human resource applications, copier control devices and more

Take the mystery out of third party integration with Web Services API, a major breakthrough for third party providers and other organizations that want to share information across applications.

  • Manage system data without needing a detailed understanding of Thomson Reuters Elite’s business rules or table structures
  • Benefit from off-the-shelf integration points that include relevant Thomson Reuters Elite business rules and automatic error checking and handling
  • Provide real-time access to Thomson Reuters Elite data from third party applications
  • Maximize compatibility with other applications with data in XML format
  • Eliminate time-consuming work with the ability to use preferred development tools, including Perl, VB, Java and others
  • Combine applications within departments, across the enterprise or anywhere on a company’s intranet
  • Gain a variety of capabilities including client service, matter/project service, timekeeper service, inquiry service, proforma service and more

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