Education Services

Maximize Your Elite Solution with Comprehensive and Responsive Training

The legal industry technology landscape has changed dramatically over the past decade. In addition, firms are continually adjusting to internal changes in personnel, new management, and acquisitions and mergers. Amidst it all, the external demands remain the same—to meet client expectations while boosting profitability.

With continual shifts in the industry, it’s more important than ever that your users know how to take advantage of Thomson Reuters Elite’s robust software solutions to keep abreast of change and lead the way. With the help of Thomson Reuters Elite Education Services, your personnel can learn how to maximize Elite technology to help them streamline processes and boost productivity, stay up-to-date, develop know-how, and remain fully knowledgeable in Elite solutions.

Thomson Reuters Elite Education Services is made up of a team of professional educators dedicated to providing clients with an array of quality prescriptive and customized training services and programs. Our courses focus on the function of the entire Elite product family from the application and technical end users’ perspectives.

When your users are empowered with knowledge of Elite solutions, they are ready to help you meet your goals in the future. Elite Education Services is here to help them.

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