Maximize current and future business development opportunities with ContactNet. The first and most robust enterprise relationship management (ERM) solution, ContactNet uncovers potential relationship assets that are hiding in email patterns, calendars, address books, and contact management systems and puts them to work for you. With ContactNet, you can easily leverage existing relationships and discover new ones—from within your organization and outside through social media contacts— and turn them into opportunities.

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Company Profiles give you instant access to the powerful Thomson Reuters company database including business and financial data, officers and directors, as well as competitors.

Used by leading firms to gain a competitive advantage in pitching, retaining, and expanding business, ContactNet provides access to comprehensive relationship intelligence with no additional data entry or maintenance. ContactNet instantly adds relationship intelligence to your organization’s key initiatives, including annual business planning, developing and retaining clients, prioritizing target clients, responding to RFPs, cross-selling, and more.

Capture and understand your organization’s relationship assets with ease and build your network and your business with ContactNet.

  • Automatically captures relationship data by monitoring multiple data sources (each optional) and applying advanced network analytics.
  • Enhance data with automatic collection of email signatures ensures complete contact profiles and enhances the accuracy of your firms relationship info’s relevance.
  • Implementing a 38 variable algorithm, ContactNet ranks colleagues’ relationship strength to contacts, clients or industries. Colleagues with the strongest relationships surface to the top of search results.
  • Advanced data filtering and highly customizable privacy configuration options enable you to share information without divulging, storing, or publicizing any personal or private information.
  • The Thomson Reuters Elite team of experts provides ongoing project management, consultation, support, system monitoring, and training to ensure you get maximum value from ContactNet.
  • Find prospects, new hires, and more through easy-to-understand searches and powerful reporting.
  • Drive and support cross-selling, client management, business development, and talent management.
  • No data entry required to receive updates on your strongest relationships.
  • Get instant access to more than 27 million companies profiles that include information on business and financial data, officers and directors, as well as competitors.
  • Gain insight from anywhere, anytime, with a tablet friendly design.
  • Monitor new relationships and organizational changes in real-time using the Network Activity feed.
  • Integrate with contact management, telephone time and billing, and other systems.
  • Installs in days with minimal impact on your organization’s IT time or resources.

For more information, contact your account representative by completing the Information Request Form  or by calling +1 800-977-6529.

U.S. Patent # US 7849103 and U.S. Patent # US 8612492.