3E Works for Marketing & Business Development

“We saw the potential range of benefits that an integrated platform of marketing tools would deliver and strongly believed that there would be a faster and more coordinated delivery of client services through an integrated suite of solutions and single database approach.”

- Peter Westerveld, Director of Technology, Minter Ellison

Revolutionary Business Development Software

Business Development Premier gives you the technology needed to support the entire marketing campaign lifecycle.  More than a traditional CRM system, Business Development Premier uncovers buried opportunities and delivers real-time insights to develop and win new business. Unprecedented automation gives you faster implementation and automated data enhancement provides significantly deeper client insights to business developers and marketers alike. With Business Development Premier, you can unlock the power of information, drive successful marketing and business development initiatives, and produce immediate ROI for your firm.

Advantages for Marketers & Business Developers

  • Faster ROI. With our unique automated approach, we’ve eliminated 80% of the manual work that typical CRM installations require, so you get up and running in a fraction of the time.
  • Deeper and more accurate data. Our industry-leading ERM technology automatically uncovers 3-5 times more contacts than typical CRM solutions. And enhanced company profiles from Thomson Reuters give you more data and an edge on the competition.
  • Marketing payback. Seamlessly manage campaigns, drive value, and measure results through the entire marketing lifecycle, including planning, engagement, conversion, and measurement.

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