Workflow & Collaboration

Achieve Greater Productivity and Deliver Superior Service

Many firms are still mired in outdated, paper-driven processes that are time intensive and cumbersome to manage. To be successful in today’s competitive legal market, you need workflow and collaboration tools that help you operate more efficiently, reduce risk, and deliver superior service.

Powerful Rules-based Workflow

3E features a rules-based workflow engine that helps streamline your firm’s core business processes from end-to-end. With 3E, you can standardize and automate procedures to comply with applicable laws and regulations as well as internal firm policies.

Flexible Process Design

Every transaction and data capture page in 3E is workflow-enabled and follows a defined process that can range from a single step to a set of business rules.  The number and variety of processes that you can create are virtually unlimited.  Typical processes include new client or matter intake, client invoice generation, purchase authorization, accounts payable approvals, along with many other internal processes.

Built-in Collaboration

3E’s collaboration capabilities streamline communications and shorten business cycles by enabling users to effectively gather input, get consensus and share information with each other, all within the framework of the 3E software.

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