New Business Intake and Conflicts Management

Safeguard Your Firm and Expedite Taking on New Business 

An important aspect of managing risk is controlling and identifying potential conflicts before they happen. 3E provides conflicts management capabilities that allow you to manage your new business intake and conflict search efforts with confidence. An intuitive Web-based solution, 3E has built-in, configurable workflow processes, collaboration tools, automated tracking in a secure environment, and offers a single point of entry. 3E’s conflicts management capabilities are tightly integrated with 3E’s financial management features, broadening the search field and ensuring a thorough conflicts search. With robust and intuitive indexing support and ad-hoc routing of your full or selected search results, you can accelerate the conflicts search process and automate the process of evaluating new business.

Key Features

Conflicts management features include robust search capabilities that thoroughly evaluate the potential risk. Full text indexing is supported, along with common search syntax including proximity, wildcards, Boolean strings, synonyms, phonetics, language stemming, stop word, and noise word options. Users can choose the type of search to conduct, enter the names or organizations, and define roles and relationships. Conflicts searches can be conducted either as part of the new business intake process or as a standalone activity.

A flexible and configurable new business intake workflow is provided out of the box that allows for paperless, hard copy, or combined processes. Firms can use the full range of tools or employ a subset of processes to meet their requirements. The new business intake process provides a single point of entry for all new business information from initial intake through conflict search, review, approval and creation of the new matter. Firms can specify the level of authority each role has in the approval process, streamlining the review process. Reviewers can analyze and comment on the results online, and decision makers can review, comment and redirect all or a portion of the search results.

Firms can import date from outside sources to be included in a conflicts search, a valuable feature for firms involved in mergers/consolidations, bankruptcy and when making a lateral hire. The United States Department of Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and the UK HM Treasury financial sanctions lists can be imported.

Duplicate entries are identified through comprehensive search capabilities. Reviewers receive conflict search results in an easy to read format that enables them to quickly view details at a glance. Results are grouped by search name and are automatically sorted according to risk flag indicators to highlight the highest probability conflicts. New business intake requests and results are automatically saved for future reference.

With 3E, you can expedite decisions about which matters to accept, decrease non-billable investments and protect the best interests of the firm and your clients.

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