Invoice Management

Improve Your Billing Efficiency for a Stronger Bottom Line

Transform your financial management operations with the leading industry solution designed to standardize and improve billing processes, increase invoicing efficiency and reduce billing cycles. 3E provides the flexible and robust invoice management capabilities needed to quickly translate your firm’s billable time and expenses into cash.

With 3E, you can easily configure billing processes to match the way your firm works. Robust setup options let you easily configure billing according to clients’ needs. Powerful bill editing features streamline and automate the proforma process so you can process bills quickly and accurately to produce customized invoices, electronic bills and reminder statements. Manage the entire customer invoicing lifecycle with 3E, the solution that offers everything needed to improve your invoicing process resulting in higher revenues and profits.

Key Features

3E’s end to end lifecycle approach means that your complete invoicing life-cycle, from time and expense capture through invoice distribution and reporting, is automated according to best practices and your own firm requirements. You can define billing frequency, credit limits, volume discount thresholds, and other parameters to meet specific billing and cash management objectives.

The current business climate is moving away from the standard hourly billing structure to more complex fee arrangements. 3E lets you setup alternative and flat fee structures, and you can build effective-date and formula-enabled fee and disbursement rate structures. Robust features are also available to support multi-project, multi-payor, third-party payers and split billing scenarios.

Editing is streamlined in 3E with a single screen interface that has the ability to sort columns and use speed keys. A built-in query view lets you easily locate information and write up/down capabilities and group editing features give users with all the tools they need to quickly edit bills before they are disbursed.

Eliminate manual bill formatting and reporting with Design Gallery, a document automation solution that streamlines the collection, conversion, and distribution of data. Design Gallery’s advanced Automated Data Transformation design takes data from your 3E system and transforms it into a variety of formats and distributes it quickly and efficiently. Fast processing speeds let you generate 30+ pages per second into a variety of formats including Microsoft Word, Excel, XML, HTML, Adobe PDF and ASCII.

3E features seamless integration with eBillingHub, Thomson Reuters Elite’s Web-based legal electronic billing service, which automates and streamlines the billing process, for a faster and more efficient work-to-cash cycle. eBillingHub validates your e-bills against all LEDES standards, billing rules, and protocols established by your client and their e-billing vendor. It helps you find and fix errors prior to submission and provides tracking and reporting capabilities that help you better manage your receivables, reduce write-downs and improve your cash flow.

3E addresses the unique challenges that firms face when they have offices, employees, suppliers, and clients located around the world. 3E effectively manages the accounting and billing operations of multi-national and national firms and provides full support for multiple languages, currencies, date formats and tax jurisdictions.

Discover how 3E provides the invoice management capabilities needed to maximize your firm’s billings and revenues. 

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