Solutions for CFOs

Gain insights you never had before to run more profitably than ever before. Only Thomson Reuters Elite offers near-real time access to the most advanced KPIs, analytics, and benchmarks to help you make strategic business decisions. You boost efficiency by having your operational data in one view. You improve cash flow with advanced features that streamline proforma management and billing.

Enhance financial performance with:

  • Improved cash flow from automating and error-proofing processes from e-billing validation, to Proforma management, to template automation, all of which shortens the work-to-cash cycle
  • Advanced reporting capabilities that deliver insights in near real-time to enable data-driven decisions
  • E-billing intelligence and benchmarking so you will know not only how your firm is performing against internal targets, but how your performance compares to that of your competitors

Learn where and how you can enhance financial performance throughout the firm, and energize your path to greater profitability.