Client & Matter Management

Discover a Powerful Way to Efficiently Manage your Matters

Is consistent legal output a challenge in your business? How do you maintain quality of high margin work? How do you lower your costs on low margin work?

Client & Matter Management ensures consistent, repeatable matter workflow processes that keep your teams all working productively and profitably. MatterSphere transforms matter management operations from end to end by providing firms with a single unified way to view and manage day-to-day activities including clients, matters, workloads, tasks and critical dates as well as all related documents, reference materials and reports.

Accessed within the familiar Microsoft Office environment, MatterSphere offers:

  • Case Management & Workflow – allowing you to build workflows, access controls, generate reports, set reminders, and much more
  • Document Management – including version control, document automation, time recording, enterprise document search, and more
  • Document Assembly – allows users to automatically create documents, emails and spreadsheets based on contact and case information
  • Contact Management – including a single, global contact repository that provides centralized storage and access to contact information across the entire firm
  • Client Portal – allowing you to securely share documents and data with your clients 24/7


Key Features

MatterSphere helps you stay on track with your tasks and actions.

  • Build smart collaborative workflows, access controls, generate reports, and manage customer relations with an easily configurable Windows Workflow interface.
  • Create procedures that track key events and dates, set reminders and review prompts, and tag events with heightened importance.

MatterSphere streamlines the creation, management, and storage of documents by providing a client, contact and matter-focused view that allows access and organization for a variety of matter-related items—all in one central location.

  • Take advantage of full version control, check-in/check-out and security.
  • Preview and compare multiple copies of documents, for quick editing.
  • Also integrates with third-party document management systems including WorkSite (iManage) and OpenText ECM (Hummingbird), further automating document workflow and enabling the firm to seamlessly leverage existing system investments.

With MatterSphere, you can streamline document automation with Microsoft Word, Outlook, and Excel.

  • Produce standard templates for the production of documents, paragraphs and clauses that help increase the accuracy of finished documents and lower the response time from event to output.
  • Select from default templates used by the core system, such as letterhead used for general correspondence, contractual, email and note templates.

Intuitive contact management features allow legal professionals to create and maintain a single, global contact repository.

  • Manage multiple contacts and contact details for each matter, providing centralized storage and access to contact information across the entire firm.
  • View contacts based on relationships between departments, matter, and documents, which are automatically stored

Now you can give your clients and business contacts 24/7 secure access to the case data that you decide is important to share. The Web-based application allows authorized parties to view details about their matters, including any relevant documents, as well as collaborate with their lawyers.

  • Give your clients 24/7 access to their case data
    • See matter milestones
    • Download point-in-time reports
  • Share documents with your clients
    • Publish documents to share with clients
    • Clients can upload and download documents to share with lawyers
  • Gain peace of mind with built-in security that lets you control access

MatterSphere isn’t like other Office add-ons; in fact, it’s not an add-on at all. It is built completely on Microsoft .NET technology from the ground up. By using a Smart Client approach directly inside Microsoft Office, MatterSphere provides legal professionals with one unified view of information from all firm-wide business areas and data silos within the easy and familiar Microsoft Office environment. The result is a strong, enterprise-class solution with limitless functionality for matter management.

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