Thomson Reuters 3E Business Development Changes the Game

Fierce competition and the need to differentiate law firm and professional services organizations have profoundly changed the business development landscape. Today’s consumers are demanding more efficiency and individualized industry insight. At the same time, there are fewer clients, more cases being handled in house, and non-traditional competitors entering the landscape. You need to work hard to keep the clients you have and even harder to win new ones.

Thomson Reuters 3E Business Development can keep you ahead in the game.

Differentiate Your Firm

Our relationship management tools help to differentiate your firm from the competition. Using a streamlined approach to business development, you can leverage your strongest relationships to uncover buried opportunities. Targeted analysis and real-time insights give you authentic reasons to stay in touch with customers from the first contact through client engagement. And users can enter meetings better informed and ready to close business with real-time views into client data and relationship insight.

Unlock Powerful Information

3E Business Development (formerly Business Development Premier) gives you the tools to unlock the power of information and drive successful business development initiatives to produce immediate ROI for your firm.

3E Business Development: The Right Tools


3E Business Development: The Right Tools

Whether you are doing business development for a law firm, professional services organization, or corporation, we have the tools to make it easier for you.

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Looking for ContactNet?

It’s now 3E Business Development Data Engine!

ContactNet has been renamed 3E Business Development Data Engine. We’ve taken the relationship analytics features that you loved in ContactNet and improved them in 3E Business Development Data Engine and 3E Business Development, each providing specific tools for your particular business needs. 3E Business Development Data Engine is the market-leading standalone ERM functionality which you can use to complement your existing CRM system. 3E Business Development offers 3E Business Development Data Engine functionality along with a CRM system.

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